My Giving Plan

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I plan to contribute $5,000 or 10% of my business profits, whichever is greater each year.

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funds given to charity

I plan to give away 10% of fund assets a year.

About the Plan

Derek established the charitable fund in August 2020 selecting the name “Derek Baker Foundation”. The purpose of the fund is to make targeted donations to charities and fundraising campaigns related to affordability. Affordability represents any opportunity to help low income or struggling Americans. The main focus on the fund is on causes related to affordable housing. A secondary focus is financial literacy and education.

Plan Goals

  • Give $100-250 to organizations and campaigns that fit within goal scope. 
  • Add $5,000 to fund in January 2021 by donating stock holdings. 
  • Grow fund to $25,000 by 2024 with $5,000-7,500 yearly contribution amounts. 
  • Encourage my readers and followers to participate in giving to causes related to affordability.

The Giving Report

The Giving Report is a  report I release publicly every quarter. It  provides a snapshot of my contribution activity and a review of my giving for the period. 

Latest Report:

Next Giving Report:
October 1st, 2020 


Most frequent questions and answers

Affordability related causes are the target focus. This includes affordable housing for people with low incomes or who are homeless.

A secondary focus is causes providing financial education and increasing financial literacy for young adults in their 20s and 30s and low income individuals.

Causes are supported using fundraising platforms or directly to IRS qualified public charities using a donor-advised fund (DAF).

The typical donation ranges from $100-250. 

Donations made through the donor-advised fund, direct giving, or crowd funding campaigns are featured in the quarterly Giving Report. They’re also occasionally featured on the blog.

The philanthropy blog has content for aspiring philanthropists to learn about how to start and run their own charitable giving fund. You can also reach out to me personally for advice. I’ll try and answer any questions you have or connect you to the right person or resource that can. 

I’m always interested in learning about new giving opportunities that fit within the affordability scope of my giving plan. Please contact me with more details and I’ll take a look.

While I can’t invest in every charity I can help get the word out by featuring  organizations on my blog and on social media.